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Copy Editing & Proofreading for Non-Fiction Writers

Helping businesses and non-fiction authors 
publish clear, error-free work that their
audience can trust

Hi! I'm Aishwarya (Aish),
Certified Editor and Proofreader

My experience working in property, education, and marketing all involved crafting clear, concise, and trustworthy non-fiction content. Now, I work full-time as an editor, helping businesses and self-publishing non-fiction authors create the best possible version of their work for their audience.

Whether your work needs proofreading for errors, or copy editing for improved clarity and flow, count on me to give it a thorough quality check so that you can publish with confidence!

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How I Can Help You

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Proofreading comes at the final stage of the editing process, when you're ready to give your work a final polish before publishing it.

I will remove errors in style, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting & layout, to ensure consistency throughout your work.

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Copy Editing

Copy editing comes before proofreading and involves taking a deeper look at your work.


In addition to proofreading for errors, I will suggest revisions that help improve the clarity and flow of your work. 


Nando Stofberg Purchaser Home Page Testimonial

"Aishwarya helped me with my resume and cover letter. She delivered excellent work. She helped me refine the clarity of my work and made sure everything flowed well. I would highly recommend working with her. She is professional and easy to talk to, and she completed my work within the agreed upon time frame. I look forward to working with her again."

Nando Stofberg, Purchaser


You write, I tidy up

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