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Copy Editing & Proofreading Businesses & Non-Fiction Authors

Hi! I'm Aishwarya (Aish),
Certified Editor and Proofreader

I'm here to help you create quality work so that you can publish with confidence. 

I decided to take my passion for editing to a professional level in January 2022, where I pursued rigorous training and became a certified editor and proofreader.

Writing and editing has been a common thread throughout my previous work experience. During my time working at property firm, CBRE, I wrote quarterly reports as well as industry articles that were published in Thailand’s newspaper chain, Bangkok Post. During my time teaching English at a conversation school in Kyoto, I wrote 45+ Business English lessons.

My passion and experience in editing and writing, coupled with my interests in business, psychology, and topics related to mental health and existentialism, led me to pursue a career in copy editing & proofreading in the non-fiction space.

Aish potential headshot.jpeg

A little bit more about me...

I was an avid reader as a kid. As I grew up, I donated my wonderful collection of books to younger readers. Though, I do confess, I still keep my collection of Roald Dahl books. And of course, Harry Potter! You're never too old to enjoy books right!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

My Certifications

College of Media and Publishing - Certified Proofreader
College of Media and Publishing - Certified Editor

Certified by the Quality Licence Scheme

Giraffe for About Me

Think of an editor as your professional giraffe: 

Attention to detail: Giraffes are known for their ability to spot details. Similarly, I meticulously scan for any and every error I come across to make sure I catch all errors and inconsistencies. 

Heightened Perspective: Giraffes have a panoramic view, allowing them to see far and wide. Similarly, when editing your work, I will also consider how it fits into the bigger picture and achieves your writing goals: I will check that your work is written for its intended audience, achieves its intended purpose, and maintains its voice throughout.

Open Communication: Giraffes are known for their peaceful communication skills. Similarly, I always aim to communicate clearly and respectfully!

You write, I tidy up

Get in Touch

Thank you for filling in the form! I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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