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Copy Editing & Proofreading Businesses & Non-Fiction Authors

Who I Work With

I help businesses polish their work so that their message is clear to their intended audience, aligns with its intended purpose, and retains its voice throughout.


I have experience editing website copy, blog posts, articles, emails, press releases, course curriculum, case studies, and white papers.


Some topics of work I can help you with include: property, hospitality, marketing, education, mental health, self-help, personal development, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.

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Self-Publishing Non-Fiction Authors

Whether you're a first-time author, or someone who's been through the publishing process, I'm here to help you create the best possible version of your book so that you feel confident and excited about sharing your work with the world.


Some topics of work I can help you with include: mental health, self-help, personal development, psychology, entrepreneurship, property, hospitality, marketing, philosophy, writing, education, and environmental sustainability.

Please note that: Proofreading & Copy Editing comes after the developmental editing stage (the stage where a detailed look of the structure/storyline takes place).

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Please contact me if you would like help with editing outside this scope of work.

We'll discuss the details and see if I'm the right editor for your project!

Proofreading & Copy Editing Scope of Work
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Proofreading comes at the final stage of the editing process, and involves removing errors in your work so that it's ready for publishing. I'll ensure accuracy & consistency in the following:

  • Style: Please let me know if you have an in-house or personal style guide that you would like me to reference.

  • Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation: I will check for accuracy in spelling, homophones, hyphenation, repeated words, and capitalisation, amongst other criteria, to ensure it's accurate and consistent with your preferred style sheet and dictionary.

  • Formatting & Layout: I will check for consistency in typefaces & fonts, spacing, headings, page numbers and styles, and line length and width. Where applicable, I’ll look at formatting of tables and graphs where applicable.

  • ​Facts: I will check that names, addresses, amongst other things are all correct.

  • Where applicable, I'll look at: Cross references and links.

Copy Editing
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Copy Editing comes before proofreading, and involves taking a deeper look at your content.

In addition to proofreading for errors, I'll suggest revisions to help improve the clarity & flow of your work, and look at:

  • Style: I will comment on areas where your text could benefit from changes for consistency in style. Please let me know if you have an in-house or personal style guide that you would like me to reference instead.

  • Flow of sentences: I will suggest areas where sentences could benefit from being rewritten or reordered for clarity.

  • Register & Tone: I will check that your language is consistent throughout, ie, that your work is written for its intended audience and intended purpose.

  • Voice: I will check that your work retains its voice throughout.

  • Word Choice: I will check that your work is clear and uses context-appropriate language.

  • Meaning & Readability: I will check that your work is clear, easy to read and flows well.

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